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I'm Jędrzej Rayski - young designer from Wroclaw, Poland with a passion for creating unique brands and designing websites. Currently at Necon


Branding, Website


Branding, Website

Conor Murphy


Golden Apple



I have 3 years of experience in creating brands. Mostly by freelancing.


Branding / Writing / Project management / Webdesign / Public speaking / Drumming


I mainly use Sketch for different types of project and I have good understanding of Adobe Illustrator. Besides that, I can do things in Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects.

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To know me more, you can read my blog (currently only in Polish language). I write about everything what I'm passionate about - from productivity, design to personal development.


I'm open to work on interesting projects. If you want to work with me, email me at:

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